You killed WHAT from your stand?

Sometimes, if you pay close attention, funny things chase you down and you don’t need to do anything but let them catch you…

So my wife and I are of course in Wal-Mart this evening picking up a few things before a bad winter storm is supposed to roll through.  Part of my purchase are three boxes of ammo.  It seemed like it took quite a long time to get through line but once I got to the cashier, I understood why.

We’ll just call him Michael (because that was his name).  You could tell he was a young man who was a little on the nerdy side, and one who didn’t get out much.  (I heard him tell the customer in front of us that his computer was “his solace”.  Anyway, Michael was a bit of a chatty Kathy and he had the long line to show for it.

So like I said, I pull up and tell him that I have three boxes of ammo waiting at the customer service desk (Wal-Mart sporting goods people take it to the front if you don’t buy it in the back of the store) and he somehow lets the Customer Service gal know through his keyboard so she can retrieve it.  As we’re waiting for her, Michael decided to tell me all about his first gun-shooting experience with his Dad and how he wasn’t ready for the noise or the kick-back and what not.  (As I looked at my wife to see her eyes rolling into the back of her head, we smiled at each other.)  Again… long line and it keeps getting longer.

The Customer Service gal finally gets there, we tell her where to retrieve the ammo, and then Michael proceeds to talk about his computer hunting experiences and how he enjoys aiming.  Then, the conversation between Michael and I went a little something like this:

Michael: “I’ve never been real hunting.  I don’t know if I could actually kill an animal or not.  I mean, I could probably shoot a deer because they’re kind of ugly.  I know that I couldn’t kill something cute like a kitty cat or anything like that.”

Me: (kicking up the best red-neck voice I can muster up) “Yeah… I can’t remember the last time I went “kitty cat” hunting Michael.”

I actually kept a pretty straight face through it all, but the wife and I had one fun ride home.  We kept laughing about “setting up my tree-stand by a sand pit”, and being able to tell when my prey was approaching because “I could hear the jingle bells.”  My wife had the best one though… she said, “I wonder what your call would sound like… MEOW! MEOW!”  BWAH! HA! HA! HA!

There may be a thousand ways to skin a cat, but you gotta shoot it first.  Cute or not.  :)

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