About Balooken

What in heaven’s name is a “Balooken” anyway?  Well, it’s me!  It’s the psuedo-name I’ve had since I started messing around on the Internet over twelve years ago.  Here’s the story on how I came up with it (be ready to stab your thigh with a pencil because this may put you to sleep…):

When I came back home from college in 1992, I got a job as a carpenter for a small company where I’m from.  Our foreman went to Disney World with his family one summer, and when he came back he said, “Do you know who you look like?”  I said, “No… who?” And he said “That big ol’ Baloo bear from the jungle book.  I just saw him at Disney World!”  He was right I guess.  I often look happy, furry, and WELL fed.  I worked for that outfit for a couple of years, and continued working in carpentry jobs for 3 more years and in all that time, everyone on the jobsites called me “Baloo”.  Some just called me “Blue”.  I’d be willing to bet some of them didn’t even know my real name!

My real name is Ken, so I just put them together to form BALOOKEN.  And the rest they may say… is history.

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